Aerial photo taken of Gwich’in Gathering 2015 participants @Florian Schulz & Peter Mather

Alaska’s lands and waters are under assault by natural gas, oil, and mining interests and therefore, the livelihoods of Alaskans are being jeopardized.

We expect very soon to hear an announcement from the Trump Administration that they will overturn bans on offshore oil drilling in the Arctic and Eastern Seaboard…


America, America

Stop pointing your crooked little finger East

Your veil has been lifted

Democracy decays rancid

as an oil-drenched whale carcass

as slaughter houses the size of stadiums

as poisoned waters of Flint, Louisiana, Animus River

Turbulent, red, rapid is the flood

Our own massacred…


California mountains moan

amber red flames lick night sky

Grandchilden, why did you not listen?

as tears flood New Orleans

Arctic sea ice has lost its thickness

Glaciers let go of their stories

into an acidifying ocean

Did I not provide you all you needed?


Tsyaa Tsal Too Oozhrii Gwizhit “The boy in the Moon” above Vashraii K’oo (photo credit: Gabriel Ponte Fleary)

Dachanlee gwa’an nirindii dai’, shoo ihłii

Geedee deetrya’ kwaii neet’aa dai’, shoo ihłii

Vadzaih ddhah kat gwak’aa dai’, shoo ihłii

Too datthak ch’araadzaa dai’, shoo ihłii

Diich’anjaa naii diinagahtan dai’, shoo ihłii

At’ohju’ T’eedriitsik oohootan gwiizhik, geh zhoo k’it ahsii

Datthak tsinehdan goo’aii, shindee anganałjii

Ginihłyaa gwiizhik Vashraii K’oo gwee’an ddhah kwaii nał’in

Dachanlee, Vyuh Zhraii…

The eyes of our Ancestors.

In the beginning there was nothing but darkness…

Creation. Birth. Beginnings.

That fluid place - swirling. Becoming.

We were all there — inside tr’iinin ts’at.

Two heartbeats. Beautiful the blood that binds us.

A cord dances between two bodies.

We are connected.

We simply could not be without each other.

Without all sacred elements.

Water, soil, air, trees, plants, marine and land life

myriad of beings - we share our Mother Earth

What are we without this Great Mystery of before?

Before light. Before darkness.

Remember you are made of stars.

Each morning we drift from dream to wake

dark to light

that is the miracle

you are the miracle

Princess Daazhraii Johnson

Alaska Native looking for just transition off fossil fuels. #climatejustice #defendthesacred #protectthearcticrefuge

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